Buy MKR and put them into the Asset Contract


There will be a 50.000 MKR Sell from the Maker Team soon on OasisDex or Etherdelta. Make sure to buy a shitload and put them in the TKN Asset Contract.

This way people would buy TKN just to Burn TKN inoder to get the MKR. (MKR Value going up + people burning TKN = Moon.)

This would generate enourmous demand for TKN.

If this would be my Company i would put 10 Million in MKR into the Asset Contract, but even 1 Million is enough if you are scared.

This move could make TokenCard a 1 Billion Dollar Marketcap Project.

At this Point you have to risk something.


Hi @cartmanisfat

Thanks for the suggestion - we will look into MKR.


yeah when you get the full version of tkn up and running ready to launch and make sure your on a few big exchanges. than do a new launch to hype the coin again buy Putting 1 million dollars worth of assets in the asset contract, this will get the enthusiasm going for TKN again AND will be a reward for all the investors that have stuck buy TKN and never sold there coins like a lot of people did. think of it like a stimulosue package bang press release TKN is back on the map