December update?


Are we going to get an update this week? This was supposed to be a month of positive news and MVP…


hi @Smokatokey

Our monthly newsletter is usually sent out on the 20th of each month :slight_smile:


+1. Please break the silence


Perff:slight_smile: thanks @eliott


Thank you @eliott

Can we expect any additional updates regarding exchanges or the website, in addition to the newsletter, or will the newsletter account for all?


thanks @eliott - we are looking forward to the newsletter and hope to get some positive news from the TKN team


Yes please @eliott, some good news is definitely due


@eliott should we be expecting a newsletter today?


Hello, any update yet?


This seems to be it?


@eliott waiting anxiously for January update :drooling_face:


It’s coming on Monday!