Email from Bittrex


Hello. Please recommend me where can I move my TNK from Bittrex. I got email from them saying they will be remove my balance from Bittrex on January 30th.
Thank you.


I have balance from Bittrex, this message can happen to me?


This is what I got from Bittrex:

As a valued Bittrex customer, we wanted to inform you that on January 30, 2019, we are retiring wallets that [do not have markets] , SAFEX (SafeExchangeCoin), TIME (Chronobank Time), TKN (TokenCard), UNB (UnbreakableCoin), and VTR (vTorrent). Our records indicate that you have a balance for at least one of the wallets being retired.

As of Tuesday, January 20, 2019 your account had the following balances of the tokens being removed:

TKN 640

To keep your tokens, you must withdraw your balance before Wednesday, January 30, 2019. Tokens not withdrawn before this date will be unrecoverable.

Thank you,

The Bittrex Support Team


So, my question where can I move them to to make sure TNK are in safe place now? Thank you.


I moved all TKN to HitBTC


Hi all!
Please check the blogpost we made on this subject last week over on our medium page




How can I withdraw my balance?

Can you help me?



How can I withdraw my balance?
Can you help me?