Ensuring TKN liquidity



What if BITTREX decided to delist TKN due to SEC regulations and sh*? As it was the case with pay and the scamcard on the Hong Kong based exchange, who knows.

TKN would suffer a severe liquidity shortage! Only really small exchangess would be left to trade TKN.

Why not hedge against this risk and get listed on an exchange like binance. Not talking about listing at bigger ones yet, even though I wouldn’t mind, but having a “second leg” to stand on is very important IMHO.

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I completely agree. The TokenCard Team already missed a HUGE Opportunity with Upbit.com.

I don’t agree with Mel that there should be just one more Western and one more Asian exchange. There should be as many as possible in my opinion.

More Exchanges = more Volume, and Volume is what Whales and Big Money needs in order to invest.


The buy side is depleting… surprise? No.
And it’s not good.


Less than 15 BTC on the buy side…


tokencard will be delisted on 8. dezember, get out while you can.


I’m starting to get really pissed. Buy support is depleting again, as several time tje last months. And it’s only because you guys don’t dare to communicate at all. Tkn has a pretty small but good community but there has been so little going on from your side. Every day you have to worry that there won’t be any buy orders/liquidity. Why? Because no one knows about tkn (well, now many do) and you obviously don’t want to change.

It’s time to wake up!! I’m done watching the competition striking one win after the other.

Our product is outstanding! Then let’s communicate it also like This! Today and now!

I am part of this small community and I love the concept of TKN, the brand and the team.

Bittrex is only the small picture, in fact there are many other construction sites.

Let’s get this started guys!! I believe in you!


Really disappointed team !!!


I think a good idea would be to set up a buy wall with some ico funds until the whole issue is cleared. If it really gets delisted TKN could drop easily to almost 0 if or a short time.
For the project itself and future listing this could be devastating.