Idea for the TokenApp


Status $SNT has a very bright Idea on how to make Mainstream People more confident with the App.

Around Minute 37:00

The User only needs to Backup their Passphrase when he adds Value to the App/Wallet. So instead asking the User the Backup the Passphrase right after the installation of the App, the User is beeing asked and educated at a later point in time. This would allow Mainstream People to explore the App without the long process of Backing up the Passphrase. I can imagine tnis is a big hurdle for a lot of new users.

PS: On a personal note: I prefer the private key over the 12 or 24 word seed. Would be nice to have a Option to choose between them.


Hi @cartmanisfat - great suggestion! Maybe our solution for passphrase back up is very similar… :man_shrugging: