Incorporate Veritaseum At Launch



I have a general question/request/idea for one of the starting coins on Card Launch. Veritaseum is one of the few coins in the crypto world that is very hard to buy as most of the coins are traded on Ether Delta. As it is so high in demand, would it be possible to incorporate it as one of the main tokens on launch?

*FYI- They are incorporating the Jamaican Stock Exchange with their token and when that happens, Token Card could be used by the entire country to provide easy liquidity and spending


We’ll consider Veritaseum but it wouldn’t be included at launch. Liquidity and market availability would be things Veritaseum would need to improve before it could be added. Please also be aware that any token added as a payment option will go through a review process by our compliance team to protect our users and the company.

However, to be clear, all ERC-20’s token are compatible with our contract wallet/app (including Veri). Just not all are able to be used to pay with on your Token card.

Thanks CryptoWallet!