Just some Random Stuff moving Forward


I think you guys got so busy and focused working on the Project that you are not able to see a few things.

  • TKN is a Security according to US Law, its obvious
  • Get rid of your MME Lawyers, even Maker / Dai dropped them. Read this:
  • Start copying the new Maker/DAO Legal and Fee Structure (TokenCard Fees can only be paid in TKN and will be burned -> Users have to hold TKN in oder to use TokenCard just like ETH GAS. Vitalik was mentioning to burn ETH GAS once used in the future )
  • Bitfinex / Ethfinex will go down due to a FBI Investigation (in combination with a BTC Short on the CME Futures Market), USDT will be replaced with DAI
  • USDT will be worthless
  • BUY Maker MKR WITH ICO FUNDS AND PUT THEM IN THE ASSET CONTRACT (this is obvious right? I dont have to explain why to do this right? Even a Million would be enough, i would put 10 Million in MKR inside. There will be a 50.000 MKR Sell from the Team soon. This way people would buy TKN just to Burn it in oder to get the MKR. =Moon)
  • Bancor Partnered with AION, get the Bancor TokenRelayer running in oder to spend every coin, or partner with AION.
  • Get TKN listed on all kinds of exchanges including small ones like Cryptopia and Yobit.
  • Start promoting the Project