More Regular Updates during the BTC Mania


Currently we are witnessing a Kind of BTC Mania that results in tanking Altprices.

We need more frequentl Updates and News during this hard time in order to keep TKN Investors confident. TKN is at a All Time Low and the Team should try to keep the current Marketcap before TKN will be on Page 3 of Coinmarketcap.

It’s Time Boys to start the Marketing and PR Mashine.


What takes so long to launch MVP and App ?
Mel said on the first Video on the old Web that it will be released on 15 of October, Afterwards on Medium Blog it was written that the public rollout is scheduled for November and on the new road map it is in “Near Term” Next 6 months. What’s going on here?


Hi @cartmanisfat,

TokenCard is committed to the delivery of our product. We have no major updates or changes to plans to announce at this time. For the avoidance of doubt this means no changes to plans regarding the release of the TKN asset contract. We can confirm that we follow industry news closely and do not wish to make any public comments on industry events.

We recognize that we engage with the community less frequently than other projects in the industry and we understand that this may be a source of frustration for some members. We do not currently have a dedicated staff member to manage the community however we make every effort to communicate as often as we can. In the past two weeks alone we have sent out a newsletter, published a blog post, engaged with 20 users in our community forum and published a roadmap with our plans for the next year. We are also actively recruiting for a community manager position.

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Hi @Or7989

Thanks for you question - for further information on timeframes please see our previous posts on this topic

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App Launch + MVP + Video