New Card Issuer - GLOBAL + NFC from the start



Mel also stated that it is NOT wirecard (going to be used by MCO and PAY)

Mel further in the comments:
“We’ve put a lot of work into this new partnership hence the original plan being not to reveal the issuer and give away critically valuable intelligence to the competition. We’ve made this mistake in the past. Never again! The issuer will be revealed on, or close to, launch date.”

Referring to monaco:
“If they’ve done their research they will know. But since some of our competition laughably can’t even write their own whitepapers I kinda doubt they put in the work.”


Two users ask whether Tokencard will be available in Argentina and Thailand:

“Yes also”


hi I am new wondering if my 50tkn in Bittrex will ever be of use again after such a drop?