Please help me regain faith


Hello, I have been with this project from the beginning and have always had faith in the team. However, I have become a little torn over how far that faith can go without some evidence that the project is moving towards its deadlines. I know that you all are wary of releasing information about the project for fear of another Monaco incident, but I would like to ask if there is anything that you guys can tell or show us to reassure that the deadline is not going to just be pushed back again? That is what I am worried will happen again due to the vague timeline that the team put out 7 weeks ago and a lack of accountability so far in displaying anything that has being worked toward. Another AMA would be amazing as a suggestion!

Please help allay my doubt because I really do think this is a good project, I just don’t know how long I can justify holding my stake in it if the release dates continue to be pushed back.


holly shit i just loged into this forum for the first time its kinda depressing


Monaco is KICKING TKN’S ass, they need some more business savy man