Reddit AMA Request


@eliott @TokenMel

How about a Reddit AMA to engage with the community after recent events? The official subreddit has a lot of negativity that is going unanswered (in addition to scam advertisements posts…)


Completely concur! An AMA would go someway to restore confidence


TKN Investors have been through alot, time to answer a few questions.


AMA would be a great opportunity to strengthen the trust between the Team and the Community.


Yes please. That would be awesome and hopefully can wash out the negative sentiments recently.


Excellent proposition! Would be immensely beneficial.


An AMA or any acknowledgement that the community exists.


+1 for AMA request.

I am aware you guys have suggested that you don’t want to allocate company time to dealing with the community 24/7 - I understand that this is certainly a waste of money that could be spent on making a great product. This is understandable. However, I feel like as far as PR moves go - an AMA is a great idea. Publicity wise there is a long history of these having a great effect in crypto for zero spend - and it will be a great way to quickly answer many of the FUD points that have been spreading online in one go. Likewise, it will likely stop much of community asking the same questions over and over again which is certainly distracting from the product you are about to release…


+1 for the AMA or a major Update