The Token Community: Participation Principles


Tokenauts Take-Off

Welcome to the community of Tokenauts – it’s great to have you on board. We’re excited for you to dive in and meet our awesome community, before you do - here’s a brief recap of what you can expect - both from us and the community as a whole:

1. Be part of the product team

We want to work with you to build the future of the space. As a Tokenaut you’ll have early access to product testing – please let us know what you think and how we can improve. We believe that with your help we can create products that will truly change peoples lives. It’s a big challenge and we need your support and feedback to do so.

2. Grow our community of endless ideas and opportunities!

This industry is not a boring, black and white, linear industry. It is fun, exciting, magical, with endless possibilities to be explored. Which is why we feel it’s important for us to have fun - and more importantly, YOU to have fun whilst we’re doing it! We want to hear all your ideas - no matter how outlandish and crazy. Together we’re here to debate, listen and learn.

3. We keep it real

We will always try to be as open and honest with you as we can. When we don’t share information it isn’t because we don’t want to, it’s simply that we can’t. This is often down to lots of reasons - restrictions by our partners, us not wanting to comment on rumours, not wanting to make promises and then break them. We also want to be a regulated and compliant company - which limits what we can share before it happens. Know that you’ll be the first to know once we can share information.

4. Focused on the product, not the price

We’re a technology company building a suite of products to add value to people’s lives. We don’t take part in any price speculation or comment on rumours.

5. Open dialogue - actively encouraged. Hate speech - not tolerated.

Your opinions are incredibly important and we believe you should have the right to free speech. We want healthy debate and feedback to flourish in our community! As we respect your right to have your own opinions, please respect other community members’ rights to their opinions, too. That means no inappropriate behavior. This includes, but is not limited to: personal attacks, threats of violence, slurs of any kind, posting people’s private information.