Token Marketplace


Hi Guys,

I’m new to Token, I wondered if anyone knows the best market to buy TKN on at the moment ? Also hearing the app/card wont be out until near February time, does anyone know oh a wallet to hold TKN until then ?

(Assuming you can buy and store TKN already?)




Best place to buy is on BITTREX!
You can store your TKN in myEtherwallet, that’s a good one IMHO. Always be careful to use the right url to not get scammed.
Welcome on board, spread the word!


Any other good options ? Bitrex are not accepting new accounts and Kraken doesn’t appear to have it listed :open_mouth:

#4 and EtherDelta are the two largest exchanges at the moment. TKN team claims to be working on new exchange listing since Bittrex delisted them about two weeks ago