Tokencard design contest


Dear forum

After the great meetup, and the new homepage, it is time to look into the short term future of tokencard.
Like mentioned several times before, I think it would be a great idea to run a card design contest on all major social media channels.

What should a card design contest be?

The tokencard team uploads a empty template from a debitcard. The community has one month time to hand in their design ideas. After one month, the community will choose one design as winner. The winner should be rewarded with some tkn’s for free. When the app is out, customers can decide if they want the “standard” tokencard design or the design chosen by the community.

What benefits do we have from this contest?

We can gain some attention to our great project, and the community is part of the actual product design. The social media channels will be pushed what will be good in the long term!

Tell me your opinion to that idea? What does the team think?

My personal opinion is, we should start with the contest soon, not to waste time!

Kind regards

Mr. Discopants aka tknfan


@tknfan Love the idea! Should go ahead with this as long as the team is supportive. Otherwise the design won’t be used. Sign me up.


Love the idea. Would be great to have something that can be shared via social media to help garner some attention to the project.


How exciting! We look forward to seeing the designs! You can upload these in the forum and we will be sure to review them with the design team.

One important point: please remember that there are strict regulatory guidelines regarding what can and can’t go on any debit card therefore whilst we welcome all ideas and encourage creativity, we will need to ensure that the final design complies with our card programme’s guidelines and can’t make any promises as to what this will look like.


Elliot can you create an official blog post launching this competition?

Can you also share the details of what is and isn’t allowed by your card issuer?


I also think that it would be a good idea to have it officially announced by t he team.


@pass_the_buck as this is a community driven initiative, we don’t currently want to confine people to strict guidelines. It would be great to let our community’s creativity flow and see what comes out the other side!


Unfortunately a community doesn’t build itself. Something as simple as a short official post with details would go along way to fostering some community engagement


What Community? The only Community TokenCard has is a Community of Bagholders. MCO and TenX have Communities. TKN doesnt have one.