TokenCard - Keep your private Keys


Somehow i feel like the Website and the Project in General does not explain good enough to People that you can keep your private Key with TokenCard. When I talk to people about TokenCard they dont know about this Fact. To them it looks like just another Card and tell me “ETH only and high Fees”. Unless you really read the Whitepaper or become a Fanboy you will probably not know about it. Most People do not read Whitepapers.

Maybe a Slogan like:

“TokenCard - Keep your private Keys”

would explain much better the core Benefit of TokenCard to endusers and would attract more people. Also most people outside the Industry have a hard time understanding “Distributed Banking platform powered by Ethereum”. The Slogan: “TokenCard: An Ethereum Smart Contract Powered Debit Card” also does not reflect the benefits of the Card and makes it look like just another Card. Most people dont know what a Smart Contract is.

Maybe keep the Slogan “Distributed Banking platform powered by Ethereum” for Industry People and addopt a new Slogan like “TokenCard - Keep your private Keys” for Endusers.

I feel like the CORE BENEFIT of TokenCard needs to be Part of the Slogan otherwise the CORE BENEFIT will stay unnoticed by the general Public. There is TOO MANY (CryptoCard) Projects to follow. Just imagine the blow to the Face of the Competition this would cause. People in the TenX, MCO and Centra etc Slack/Discord would ask if they are able to keep their private keys.

PS: The TokenCard Website does not have any Site Description. When you google it there is no Info what the Site is about. (SEO)


Hi @cartmanisfat
Thanks for your feedback on the website, it’s great to know how it comes across to the outside world. I’m sorry to hear you feel like we don’t explain private keys well enough. We continually improve the site through small tweaks however have not plans for a major re-write in the immediate future. We will look into your suggestions for our next site release.