Website updates


Hi community,

We just wanted to give you a heads up that we are having to make some temporary amendments to our website for reasons beyond our control. There will be no impact on our product offering but we need to do this for compliance and regulatory reasons. We’ll let you know when we bring back all the content.




You forgot to delete the medium posts explaining TKN. I think there is even 2 different Medium Accounts.

The “learn more about TKN” link on the Webpage …

Also the Whitepaper is still accessable (“”)


Thanks for the heads up.
It would be better though to explain what/why/when/who. The post doesn’t explain much and raises FUD.

I mean why the hack would you get rid of all the card references?


Stripping all card references and people aren’t supposed to freak? How much more bad news can you guys drop when you are supposed to be posting good news about MVP


And btw, the “community” in here are 117(!) Registered people, including the tkn team. Reality.


I would also remove the phrase “as a way to share our success with our supporters” from the website.


@eliott please let us know why the references to the card were removed


The communication by this team is utterly below standards, you need to create a trust-based relationship with your future customers (and thus your current token holders). If you are not capable of creating this relationship you are unsuitable to run this company. I know that is a harsh statement, but you need to understand the importance of your complete disregard for your customers who are invested in you. This is basically why we don’t want banks anymore, if you are maintaining this exact attitude I am absolutely not going to use your product and will warn and explicitly tell others to use your competitors’ product.

You should give a more indepth explanation and be more forthcoming about the current status of your product, removal of the product from the website, current status on bittrex.

This is a 24/7 connected world now, you need to make an effort to perform as such. This will not be the last time you are faced with issues and if you are unable to resolve them and communicate clearly about them or learn from past mistakes I cannot understand how you imagine to run this company.

I am heavily invested in your product at the moment and I expect these issues to be resolved in a timely fashion.